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What People Say

Anica creates affordable Australian watercolour art and nothing gives her more joy, than happy collectors connecting with her work. Some have written a few words and allowed them to be shared here with you.

The Curly Gum leaf
The Curly Gumleaf

We have just moved into our brand new home, which we have lovingly
designed and built over a period of 4 years.   I was looking for an original
painting depicting gum leaves to mirror the tall gum trees which we look out
on from our windows.

Whilst looking through many paintings, your artwork captured my attention
with your brilliant use of authentic bush colours in watercolour as well as
the beautiful detail and composition.

Your lovely piece will now have pride of place in our new Guest Room.
Thank you also for your handwritten note and the Certificate of
Authenticity.  It is very special to have a lovingly painted and inspired
artwork by such a talented Australian artist in our home.” Marita

Willy Wagtail

Well, what can I say other than, “What superb talent you have!” I adore Willy Wagtail and the way you’ve used the background to blend both paintings together is so cleverly artistic.

I write books for my grandchildren and always include on the back page of each book that they’ve been published by Kookaburra Wagtail Press (me). So it seems fitting that I now have my Kookaburra Wagtail Triptych. The cheeky over the shoulder look from Willy is just right … saying, “Soulmates.”

Thank you for your oh so lovely kookaburra card ‘n words as well, thoughtful once again.

Best wishes to you Anica, it must be wonderful to have talents that make a lot of people happy. May the Blue Bird of Happiness settle on your shoulder😊

Always on Alert Kookaburra
Always Alert - Kookaburra

I thought I'd drop you a message to say Thank you! I just received your beautiful painting in great condition and I love it! My daughter likes it too. She didn't know I bought it until now. When I decide on a frame and have it on my wall, I will take a photo and send it to you. Best regards,


Grey Butcherbird

Hi Anica,

Got our Butcherbird today, it's lovely! We have them come visit often at home and we adore them. This is a birthday present for my wife. Thanks also for your card, a very nice touch. Take care, Jamie

Curious Kookaburra
(limited edition print)

.Just arrived today, oh my gosh this is stunning. Gorgeous colours and so cute!

The Kookaburra will take pride of place in our home, thank you so very much Anica, best wishes and take care,

from Kerry and Ian.🕊

Mollymook Shellseeker

"Being the recipient of this magnificent painting, may I say, I am still en raptured with its beauty and can not stop admiring it.
Thank you Anica for fulfilling my long yearned for wish. Your talent is truly amazing.
Love from one happy gal. Patricia.

NZ Tui bird.jpg
NZ Tui Bird

I absolutely love my Tui Bird, I truly could not be happier and the option to have the painting framed was a good one because it sets the artwork off beautifully.

I absolutely love my Tui Bird, I truly could not be happier and the option to have the painting framed was a good one because it sets the artwork off beautifully.

3 Kookaburras for Liz.jpg
Three Kookaburras

Anica, these are so beautiful! They’re perfect!

I love how much of the Kookie's personality you've captured!

Thank you so much for your beautiful work, it’s better than I could have imagined and will mean so much to his brothers and son. Liz

King of the Bush.jpg
King of the Bush

Hi Anne! 

I love my man. He's powerful and supportive. He's the first image I see when I wake.


"Anne from Anica Art is a very talented artist. Her ability to capture and project the 'soul' of her artwork is a unique skill. I have purchased a few of her paintings now love every one as they speak from within."


anica amphlett-Nature's-Comfort-Flannel-Flowers-watercolour.jpg
Flannel Flowers - Nature's Comforter

 I came across your stunning artwork a while back, doing a Google search for flannel flower paintings/artwork.

 I am a florist and flower lover. Flannel flowers are some of my favourite blooms. I have been searching for the perfect art piece that captures their delicate beauty and fluffy velvety essence. Your piece was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for painting it!! 

 So excited to receive it and display it proudly in my home. Jera

Kookaburra Embarked

“I’ve had a wonderful surprise delivered to my door this afternoon, so unexpected to be such a speedy delivery and . . .

‘Kookaburra Embarked’ is just perfect, so handsome in a funky kinda way.

I absolutely adore him and the background you have used. I will keenly look forward to when our new home is ready so he can have pride of place looking down on me. I love your extra touches included in the parcel too with the beautiful wren card. . . another favourite of mine and even down to the lovely wrapping paper . . . all so thoughtful and kind. Thank you.” Liz

Coming into Batlow
Coming Into Batlow

Today, I picked up this piece from the framer's. It's called "Coming into Batlow" and is by talented NSW artist Anica Amphlett. I bought this as a present for my friend. Batlow is very special to her as it is the town where her grandmother grew up. This scene of driving into town evokes beautiful and special memories for her that she is now reminded of every time she looks at this painting. Thank you, Anica

Eastern Spinebill in Grevillea

Both birdies arrived safely today. They are much admired and will give us much joy. Thank you so much for all your work.

D & M, Sydney

Fun at South End Mollymook Beach

... Everyone loves it and I cannot wait to give it to my friend, she is going to love it!!!!


I’m certain we made the right frame choice, as expected it is absolutely beautiful. 


Always Optimistic Pelicans
Always Optimistic Pelicans

The painting arrived today and I love it! Most paintings nowadays look like they were just copied from photographs, but your paintings have spontaneity, movement, atmosphere and feeling! 


Very happy and will get it framed quickly,


Family of Wrens on a Log
Family of Superb Wrens

I was thrilled to receive your beautiful painting yesterday, and was so very touched to find inside the dear little wren card with your handwritten note. ... Your painting celebrating these happy little birds will give me much pleasure. Margie

Sunny Path to Mollymook Beach

II just received the best parcel in the post.

Your painting is even more beautiful in real life.

I love it.

I’ve been searching for the perfect piece of art for my bedroom and now I own it.

Every morning I will wake up, look T your painting and picture myself in this perfect location. What a great way to start the day.

Thank you and keep painting. You are very talented and your painting is very healing.Anita

Knight on Guard-photo.jpg
Knight on Guard

Thank you so much, Anne, for the super quick postage and the extra care taken to protect the print and the gorgeous wrapping. You were so gracious in your communications and the image of Narrawallee is just beautiful and of a high standard. We are very happy with the photograph.

Blue-Wen-in-Twigs-and-leaves-anica-amphlett-watercolour birds.jpg
Blue Wren in Twigs n Leaves

I have just received "Blue Wren in Twigs n Leaves" and I love the texture you've brought to the watercolour. It's a wonderful composition and will be a constant reminder of the Superb Fairywrens that visit my garden daily. Thank you, Sam

Gaga at North Sydney

I finally got some time alone and was able to open the mailing tube (the custom-made cap worked perfectly).  The painting is absolutely GORGEOUS!  It’s exactly what I hoped for and more!  I can’t wait to give it to Mark on our last day in Australia – coming up in just two weeks.  The very kind note you attached was also a special touch!

Thank you, thank you!  😊,


Magpie on the Catwalk - framed.png
Magpie on the Catwalk

We just got your painting of "Magpie on the Catwalk". We absolutely love it, it is so detailed. We are magpie lovers and it absolutely captures their attitude. Thank you so much for the card as well, it was really special. Thanks again,

Emma Davies

Eastern Rosella
Eastern Rosella

Both birdies arrived safely today. They are much admired and will give us much joy. Thank you so much for all your work.

D & M, Sydney

Sailing the Seas

The boat painting arrived today and I can practically taste the salt of the sea in it!!!  It will be perfect with the pelicans.

Both the paintings have beautiful atmosphere, life and movement.

Thank you and very best regards, IP


Proteas Bouquet.jpg
Proteas Bouquet

Thank you so much for your work as an artist in the community and especially during these tough and enduring times! Your work is now a reminder of health, happiness, and love in our home and we couldn't be more grateful!  RH

Kookaburra on the fence
Kookaburra on the Fence

The painting arrived today in perfect condition and I love it. We have a very pretty garden here in Pymble and my favourite visitors are the Kookaburras. You have captured their spirit perfectly and I can't wait to get the painting framed and on my wall.All the best, Richard

Mollymook Beach for Rebecca

Hi Anne! 

It has arrived! The painting is glorious. I absolutely love it! It represents the hope and inspiration I feel about this newest chapter of my life, but isn’t too showy (if you know what I mean). It feels very
grounded, and grounded in the love of a place which means so much to me. I can’t thank you enough.


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