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Anica Amphlett photo in front of canvas painting_edited.jpg

I am a painter on the
South Coast of NSW

I have been painting all my life and am inspired by nature especially by landscapes, birds, animals and flora.

My style of painting combines spontaneous looseness with detail aimed at capturing mood, emotion and the character of my subject.

My mission is to create art that evokes a sense of calm, giving you enjoyment and to uplift a special spot in your home.

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At the age of 9, I remember my first mail order for acrylic paints and a textbook showing me how to paint the classic wooden fruit bowl with a banana, orange and apple, that's all I remember. A few years later, my parents gifted me oil paints and I used my music stand as an easle. The passion was there well and truly, but Art School was ruled out and business school was attended. Never mind, the passion did not die. I sold my first oil painting at the age of 15, then life took its course with many ups and downs.

In recent years I have become passionate about watercolour, which has so much to offer through its unpredictable qualities; I am continually experimenting finding new ways of using this dynamic medium. My goal is to capture mood, atmosphere, character and emotion and hope that it evokes a positive feeling of peace and joy for you. My colours can be bright but are usually slightly subdued reflecting atmospheric conditions as well as my personality.  Inspiration comes from dawn to dusk from birds, animals, flora and the rich, diverse landscape we live in.

It’s hard to pinpoint emotion in a painting, but you feel it when it’s there! It brightens the mood creating a bit of “zen”  This could be conveyed in the twinkle of an eye, or light, movement, depth, atmosphere and colour. No matter what the subject is, such an expression is always the challenge and ultimate goal.

Painting in the great outdoors is the ultimate, but not always possible. Therefore, making outdoor sketches and taking photos is the next best thing.

Photography is a side interest and having used many cameras, most of which have been Canon, I find the Canon SX HS series to be brilliant for super-zoom, especially for birds and taking videos. Painting from my own photos keeps my paintings unique and is part of every painting's process and journey.

My Story


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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