The Gang of Five by Anica Amphlett is an original watercolour and gouache painting. It measures 35cm x 45cm and is unframed.

My inspiration for this painting comes from pure love for these gorgeous little birds, Here we have two couples and a juvenile male on the right. He's not quite as handsome yet as his seniors. Juvenile male Superb Wrens are quite dull but have a bluish tail. Their lores, meaning the tiny feathers between their eyes and bill, are grey. As they mature they will have more and more blue as time goes by until they will have the magnificent variable blue plumage that we all know. and love.

The painting was initially painted in watercolour, but then I used the darker gouache to help accentuate the varied layers of leaves. Would these Wrens brighten a special spot in your home?

Framing is not included.

The Gang of Five

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