Nature's Comfort- Flannel Flowers by Anica Amphlett is an original watercolour painting. It measures 54cm x 37cm and requires framing to hang. Painted on Arches 640gsm cold-pressed paper.


I was inspired by the very delicate nature of the Australian wildflower the Flannel Flower. They grow in abundance in a special nature reserve located on the headland, overlooking the sea. They thrive in sandy soil and are quite tough, despite their ever-so soft velvety or woolly feel. The leaves as well as the flowers have tiny little hairs all over them, that give them this special indulgent sensation.
I have painted the Flannel Flowers in an atmospheric way using lots of lost and found edges within the painting to maintain the softness that I desired. The colours are soft and muted and have a calming effect.

Courtesy of “Mental Health Australia” website I have found that the Flannel Flower is the national symbol to promote mental health awareness in Australia. …
” Like all other Australian Native flowers, the Flannel Flower needs to be adaptable and enduring to survive. In the In the same way all of us, regardless of our life circumstances, develop resilience and the ability to adapt to change, in order to maintain good mental health.
Being open and empathetic to a person’s expression of distress can assist in the recovery of a person living with mental illness and change the negative attitudes of our society as a whole.” (Courtesy of Mental Health Australia)

Nature's Comfort - Flannel Flowers

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