Morning Winter Sun at Merriwa is an original watercolour painting. It measures 37cm x 27cm and is unframed.
This painting was painted on-site sitting in our motorhome and admiring the early morning scene. One of the things that captivated me was the alternating layers of light and shade beginning with the graduated foreground with bright golden-leafed trees, then the first shady area with the walking path, then the next layer of bushes, and trees, then the river you can't see, then the further away bushes and then finally the distant hill with its tiers.
The sunshine was very short-lived, so I was delighted to take a reminder-filled photo.
Merriwa is a lovely little town in the Hunter Region of NSW.
The photo above of a possible framing scenario has a double mount with a total width of 8.5cm
making the overall width about 55cm, and height 44cm.

Morning Winter Sun at Merriwa