Milton Farming by Anica Amphlett is an original watercolour painting. It measures 39cm x 27cm and is unframed.
Since we've moved out of town, people ask me about the burden of travel back into town. This gives me an opportunity to express my excitement about this 10 km stretch of road with the most beautiful countryside. Most of the time I am the passenger which gives me plenty of opportunities to absorb the stunning green farming scenery. I'd love to just walk it, but the road is busy with vehicles going 100km per hour. So there is plenty of taking-in to take place!

One of the wonders I love is this farm I painted. I love the way the sun lights up and shadows the buildings. There are layers of fresh, dry and churned up grass giving the cows plenty of food to enjoy. Then the escarpment behind and the rolling hills are now so beautifully green after the dreaded fires we had some 18 months ago.

Milton Farming