ittle Corella by Anica Amphlett is an original watercolour and gouache painting. It measures 27cm x 37cm and is unframed.

Last but not least in this bird series is the Little Corella. The most playful bird I know. They are cheeky noisy and can congregate in enormous groups. Their playfulness is unlimited, as they play with each other, or hang by their beaks off small branches, or as they fall off something only to pick themselves up again to play yet again.


This series represents my selection of six Australian native birds that are significant to me and to many other bird-loving Australians. Their feathers are white. grey, black or brown without much colour or hardly any. The background colours of bright blue and umber signify their freedom in our skies and the umber brings them back down to earth.

The technical focus is not particularly on detail, even though there is some, but predominantly on their expressions. Their eyes are larger than normal but represent windows to their souls.

Little Corella

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