Watercolour on Arches 300gsm HP paper, 27cm x 36cm This painting is unframed and requires framing to hang.  


Banksias are Australian native shrubs or trees that adorn our coastal terrains. There are over 170 types of Banksias in Australia, with many found here in on the South-eastern coast. This is my interpretation of a Banksia Serrata or Saw-toothed Banksia, also known as The Old Man Banksia. It has a beautiful golden centre that radiates out to its greenish dotted exterior with thousands of tiny flowers. The leaves are serrated and look like a saw and feel quite sharp too.
My next painting will depict “The Old Man” stage of this beautiful bloom.
I love to paint with a combination of looseness and detail, as I aim to capture the essence of my subject. The painting will arrive in a flat pack, in a supported clear cello wrap and include a certificate of authenticity.

Banksia Bloom

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