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Anica Amphlett is a self-taught visual artist living on the South Coast of NSW best known for her paintings of Australian birds, animals and flora. Striving to express emotion in her artwork she hopes it resonates with you too. 


Anica says her goal is to convey the extraordinary three-dimensional beauty around us, onto a two-dimensional surface, and hope that it evokes a positive feeling of peace and joy for the viewer. The colours she uses are usually slightly subdued reflecting her nature. Inspiration comes from dawn to dusk from birds, animals, flora and the rich, diverse landscape, appreciating that every piece of land is home to someone or something. 

It’s hard to pinpoint emotion in a painting, but you feel it when it’s there! It brightens the mood creating a bit of “zen” for the viewer and space! This could be conveyed in the twinkle of an eye, or light, movement, depth, atmosphere and colour. No matter what the subject is, such an expression is always the challenge and ultimate goal. “I want my paintings to make people feel happy and evoke some positive emotion!” says Anica.

Anica paints in watercolour, acrylics, gouache, pastels and oils, with watercolour being her favourite. She likes to incorporate both looseness and detail in some configuration with the aim of capturing personality, mood, feeling and ambience. Watercolour has so much to offer through its unpredictable qualities;  Anica is continually experimenting finding new ways of using this dynamic medium. 

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