Back in September 1999, I started painting birds ... and it comes with a story...

The school of my youngest daughter Cristi, aged 9 at the time, was preparing for a Spring Fete and asked parents to help out. I wondered what to do on this occasion, and it ended up being a toss-up between Chocolate Crackles or some art. Both Cristi and I thought we'd give the painting a go. We painted little birdie paintings, all were sold, many more orders were taken and the school was happy too!

Our framer showed his enthusiasm and asked if I'd paint more, to which I kindly agreed. The birds just took off, literally!

As a result, we approached specialised printers and had limited edition prints printed. The editions were large ranging from 250 to 1000 for some paintings. All in all, thousands were printed, sold and sent all over the world.

These bird paintings/prints had lots of personality and it was said, they made people happy. They were sold at very reasonable prices, making them the ideal gift or decorator item.